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Submit an off-campus job listing

If you are looking for part-time work from our students, posting your job here is a great way to get their attention. Once approved, your job will be posted for the number of days you specify, up to three weeks. Students who are interested in your offering will contact you directly.

We will notify you by e-mail before your job is de-listed to either extend your posting or to let us know if you hired an Eastern Student.

If you have any questions, please call Eastern's Student Employment at (860) 465-4435.

Part 1. Tell us about yourself.
Your Name
Your organization or Company
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Your Email Address
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Your Fax Number
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Work Location
Enter the street address where the work will primarily take place.

Part 2. Please describe the job you are offering.
Which category best describes the job?
Name of the job
For the name of the job, please be specific. For example:

Bad: 'Housekeeper'
Better: 'Housekeeper: Davis Household'

Bad: 'Waiter'
Better: 'Night Waiter: Restaurant X'
Hours Per Week to  
Please describe the Job

Please be specific; give as much detail as possible.
i.e., "Seeking mature individual to care for 2 young children ages 2 (boy) and 4 (girl). Hours are Mon., Wed., Fri. 10am - noon. Duties include preparing snacks, reading books and walks in the park."
Please list the requirements for the job.

Please be specific; give as much detail as possible.
i.e. "Must be reliable and punctual. Prior child care experience a plus. References required. Non-smoker preferred. Male and female applicants welcome."

Part 3. Please provide additional information about the job you are offering.

Pay Range: From To
If there is no flexibility in the wage for this job, simply put the same value in the "From" and "To" boxes.
Compensation Description, if applicable.
"Depends on Experience"
"$0.50 raises every year"
- 255 character limit.

Describe Compensation Here:
$100 Stipend
$1.50 per phone call
Time Frame
Start Date
Please enter either an exact date in the form mm/dd/yy or a brief description (i.e., "ASAP").
End Date
Please enter either an exact date in the form mm/dd/yy or a brief description (i.e., "At completion of project").
Open Positions
What is the maximum number of ECSU students you could hire for this job?
Days To List
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Comments when Requesting Job
Enter any questions or comments about your requests here. These will not be made public. The Student Employment Administrator will reply to any questions via email.

Part 4. Disclaimer.
Disclaimer Eastern Connecticut State University is not responsible for quality, integrity, working ability, or other aspects of the off-campus employee. The University does not screen employees who answer job opportunities at the Student Employment Office, and by posting jobs Eastern Connecticut State University does not make any representation as to the quality or integrity of perspective employees. Use of this system shall be entirely at the risk of the users hereof and the University expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect thereto.

It is the responsibility of employers to research the ability and integrity of the employees which they are seeking. Employers are advised to screen all perspective employees through an interview process, and to ask for and check past references.

In addition, all employers posting on the ECSUJOBS website must agree to abide by Federal and State Laws, as well as ECSU policies regarding non-discrimination and sexual harassment. Please read the following Non-Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Policies.

If you agree fully with the terms of this disclaimer, press the "I agree" button. If you do not agree with any of these terms then do not submit a job listing.

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