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Student Worker Separation (FOR EMPLOYER USE ONLY)
Thank you for letting Student Employment
know one of your student employees has left.

Please note:
  • Departments may not terminate student's position. A referral must be made to Student Employment if a department desires to release a student from their position. Please see the Student Employment Grievance Policy.
  • Students who leave voluntarily should write a letter of resignation, and a copy should be forwarded to Student Employment.
  • Please write any further comments in the area marked for Your Message.
1. Your Name
2. Your Email Address
3. What is the name of the student worker who has left your department?
4. What is their Eastern ID number?
5. For what department did the student work?
6. What was the last day the student worked?
7. Did the student leave voluntarily?
8. Did the student write a letter of resignation? (If so, please forward a copy to student employment.)
9. Your Message
10. Did this student employee have access to Banner? If yes, please include the students user name for the banner account.