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Additional Allocation Requests
Thank you for submitting your Request for Additional Allocations.

Please note:
  • Due to budgetary cut-backs, all requests for additional Operating Fund allocations should have the support of Department Heads/Chairs;
  • Area Deans and Vice-Presidents will be asked to endorse all Operating Fund requests through a written email;
  • Requests for additional Work-study positions do not require the above endorsements.
    Please answer the questions below and provide an explanation of your need for additional student labor.
1. Your Name
2. Your Email Address
3. For what Department are you requesting Additional Allocations?
4. How many additional Operating Fund positions are you requesting?
5. How many additional Work-study positions are you requesting?
6. Who is your Department Chair/Head?
7. Has your Department Chair/Head endorsed your request?
8. Who is your area Dean/Vice-President?
In the space provided below for "Your Message," please provide a thorough explanation of your need for extra student labor, and exactly what amount of student work will satisfy that need.

10. Your Comments