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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I get my 1st paycheck? 
It takes one and half pay cycles to put you on the state payroll system. Therefore, you will receive your first check three weeks after you submit your first timesheet. Your first check will come to the Payroll Office on the 3rd floor of Gelsi Young.   


What should I do if I am sick? 
If a student is unable to work due to an illness, it is their responsibility to contact the supervisor to explain why they will not be able to work. Unless the student has sick time to use, they will not be compensated for the time they are out sick.  


Can I take time off for my school work? 
Departments are informed that school work is a student’s priority. Therefore, all offices should make every attempt to accommodate student’s class schedules and make adjustments during exam periods. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss any upcoming assignments that would interfere with their work schedule so necessary arrangements can be made. 


How should I dress at work? 
Students should keep in mind that they are representing your department and the university. Therefore, they should dress for the requirements of the job but as a supervisor, it is ultimately your decision if you wish to hold your student workers to higher standards of professionalism.  


How is my pay rate determined? 
Pay rates are determined based on the duties to be performed and the nature of the qualifications required. All jobs are classified and wage rates are determined when they are listed with Student Employment. Currently there are three class levels, each with increasing responsibilities and wage rates. All rates are at or above the state minimum wage. 


When do I get a raise? 
Students are eligible for raises based on two criteria: longevity and work performance. After working for the same department for one year a raise may be requested by a supervisor. The availability of raises in general is dependent on budgetary constraints. Any pay rate exceeding Class III ($13.13) must be approved by the Director of Financial Aid. 


Can I get Direct Deposit? 
If you anticipate your student working in your department for more than one semester, they may request Direct Deposit. Once the student has completed a Direct Deposit Form at Student Employment, it will take about a month, or two pay periods, for direct deposit to be processed. During that period they will be required to obtain their physical paycheck from the Payroll office.  


Do I have a job description? 
All positions are required to have an accurate job description which is listed on the Student Employment website. You may request a copy from your supervisor or Student Employment. 


What happens if I No Call/No Show? 
If a student forgets to call when they can’t make it into work, it is their responsibility to contact the supervisor as soon as possible. As a supervisor, you may exercise discretion in these situations. You could provide an official verbal warning which should be documented but if you feel it isn’t necessary, you can inform them what will happen if it becomes a problem behavior. If the student is absent for seven consecutive days without any contact they may be terminated from the position. 


What should I do if I am going to be late? 
It is the student’s responsibility to contact their supervisor to inform them of Excessive tardiness may lead to a written warning and ultimately the termination of your employment.  


Can I transfer to another department? 
A student may choose to take a job in another department, but it is only considered to be a transfer if you are in the middle of a contract period. A transfer in this case requires the Student Employment Transfer Form signed by your old supervisor and new supervisor.  Moving to a new department at the beginning of a contract period (Fall or Summer) does not require a Transfer, as your prior contract has expired.  


Do I get evaluated? 
All departments are encouraged but are not required to evaluate their student workers. Evaluation forms are provided to each supervisor. Feel free to request feedback on your performance from your supervisor regardless of whether there is a formal evaluation process.