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COVID-19 Update as of 08/1/2020



Thank you for your patience as we begin the start of a new academic year while naviagating the new policies for student employees that are discribed in this message. The hiring process for fall student workers can begin now. If you have enough money in your budget, you can begin hiring student workers with the start date of August 22, 2020. Please note, our office will not approve any hires or approve any job postings from our website unless the individual who is doing these actions is on this years Department Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement can be  found on this website. Next to each name please mark whether they are a supervisor, supervisor alternate or time sheet approver. If you are more than one, please mark all that apply.


As of right now, we will be accepting electronic signatures for our Work Authorization Contract and electronic copies of IDs (for new employees) as not everyone has access to a computer scanner. Although, if it is possible, real signatures are preferred. Once we are back on campus, all paperwork will be handled as normal. All necessary paperwork is found on our website under 'Forms and Information'.


Before Hiring a student worker, please understand this protocol which you will see is a new addition on our Work Authorization Contract:


1. With limited exceptions, students employees must be available to work on campus; we should therefore not offer employment going forward to students who can only work remotely, or are scheduled to be taking all their classes online from home (should not come to campus to only to work). Supervisors are responsible for checking on this.  Ask to see a copy of their schedule for verification.

2. A staff or faculty member must be available to oversee the student on campus; therefore, student employee schedules must mirror those of the staff or faculty member to whom they will report while we are working alternating schedules, and should not be hired for departments where the supervisor has been approved to work remotely for the fall 2020 semester. Student employees should not be performing duties of permanent staff members who are continuing to fulfill their own duties remotely and students should never be hired to "cover" offices that need to be open so that when permanent staff do not have to be present.

3. Student employee "employment agreements" and/or offer letters will be revised to strengthen language advising that employment with Eastern may be discontinued in certain circumstances, including but not limited to any need to"pivot" and move to a remote instruction model as occurred in March of this year .

4. We have been directed to limit the number of individuals on campus/in offices at any given time, as evidenced by current "alternating" schedules for administrative and support staff; this means that any students employees must be located in a in a work environment sufficient to allow for appropriate physical distancing and other provisions set forth for all employees, such as wearing a mask, no congregating, etc.

Adhering to these guidelines may result in fewer students being hired this semester than in the past; however, we must follow all CDC, DPH, and System guidelines for all employees, including students.


You should be aware that Eastern reserves the right to discontinue student worker agreements with two (2) weeks notification in certain circumstances, including but not limited to availability of work; conclusion of duties to be performed; and, modification to or discontinuation of funding. In addition, no extension of this Agreement or employment with Eastern will occur unless explicitly offered by the University.


On-Campus Employers

  Student Employment Updates

Important Information:

- There is an updated Federal W-4 Form for 2020! We will no longer accept forms from 2019

-Please make sure the Start Dates on the Work Contracts are PRECISE.

-Please direct students to payroll if they are delivering timesheets.

Summer 2020 6/5/2020-8/21/2020
Fall: 8/22/2020-12/15/2020
Wintersession: 12/16/2020-1/15/2021
Spring: 1/16/2021-5/16/2021
Reminder: All jobs MUST have at least 1 Employability Skill selected, otherwise the job will not be approved.

Minimum Wage will increase 8/14/2020

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Supervisor Presentation PDF (2019)
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