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Student Employment Forms & Information 

Returning Student Employees
This form needs to be filled out and delivered to the Student Employment Office before the student begins working. Please be sure the dates on the contract match actual employment dates and that you use the correct contract!
 New Student Employees

Pre-Employment Form (Background Check) Discuss the job responsibilities with your student have in order to determine if they will need a Background check or not. This is a new form that the students will need to fill out. They will recieve a link from HR via their Eastern email that they need to fill out with the appropriate information.


Academic Year 2020-2021 Contract

2020 Tax Packet This is the updated Federal W-4 Tax form and CT Tax Form. The Federal W-4 looks a little bit different!  Please read the forms carefully and look at the directions page if you need clarification.  

I-9 Form The list of acceptable IDs is on the last page of the I-9 form. We need either an ID from List A or an ID from both List B and List C.

Direct Deposit Form Link to Payroll website to obtain Direct Deposit form. Found under the 'Forms' tab at the bottom of the page.

Original IDs are required; No Copies

E-PAY Log in Instructions

 International Student Employees

Instruction Packet This packet contains all the necessary steps to take for international students to become on-campus employees. Please review this packet and contact us with any questions.

F1J1 International students must complete this form in order to work as Student Employees. This form needs to be completed and signed by Dr. Indira Petoskey and then returned to the Student Employment office before the student can begin working. This form must be completed each semester.

Additional Information

Department Particpation Form 2020-2021

Student Worker Separation

Department Transfer Form This form needs to completed if a student employee will be working for another department.

NOTE: This only needs to completed if the transfer occurs before the end of the current contract period.

Student Worker Evaluation  After each semester superviosrs are required to complete an evaluation for each student employee

Student Worker Self Evaluation Prior to the formal evalauation with their supervisors, each student employee must fill out a self evaluation

Supervisor Handbook Click here to learn more about the employee-employer relationship. It will also cover important information regarding the necessary rules and procedures for being a supervisor on-campus.

Website Manual Please look at this manual if you are an on-campus supervisor.

Timesheet Template This is a link to Payroll's website where the current timesheets can be downloaded. It can be found under the 'Forms' tab at the bottom of the page.

Accidents at Work When an accident occurs at work, the employee should report the incident immediately to his/her supervisor and proper medical attention should be sought. A Report of Occupational Injury or Disease to an Employee Form must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources within twenty-four (24) hours of the accident when possible, but not later than the next business day.